Tuscany is easily one of Italy’s most beloved regions, famed for its Renaissance art, gorgeous food and wine and bucolic countryside of vibrant red, green and gold!

Visit Tuscany

Whether you’re wandering the hallowed halls of the Uffizi Gallery, sojourning around the region’s delightful small towns or tasting the finest grapes at any one (or five) of the region’s wineries, Tuscany is a place that never fails to charm and delight with its exuberant atmosphere and delectable produce…

But how many days do you need to spend in Toscana? Well, it depends on how much of the region you want to see and drink, of course!

You could easily spend one or two days in Florence alone, wandering its medieval streets and taking in history’s greatest masterpieces, or you could spend a week scootering out to smaller towns like Sienna, Lucca and, of course, Pisa, with plenty of cellar door stops in between!

The choice is yours and it really all comes down to what, exactly, lures you to the region. If you are a lover of all things fine art, architecture, food and wine, then we definitely recommend taking your time in Tuscany, and this is what awaits you when you get there…

History’s finest masterpieces

Florence is affectionately known as “The Cradle of the Renaissance”, and the name is pretty self-explanatory: the city was home to some of the period’s great masters who produced their finest works in the elegant city.

Naturally, these works are still in town, largely focused across two galleries: the Accademia and the Uffizi. In the former, you will find the unmistakable bust of Michelangelo’s David, standing impressively as the centrepiece of the whole gallery.

The Uffizi is more all-encompassing, housing numerous works from the masters, including the most beautiful The Birth of Venus. You will likely spend more time in the Uffizi, but both galleries are at the equal measure when it comes to housing some of Florence’s most important pieces…

Cellar door jaunts

Tuscany is one of the world’s top wine regions – we all know this. The region, although producing wine in smaller quantities, is renowned for producing wine of top quality, with delicious Bolgheri, Chianti and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano all originating in the region.

This all makes for one of the world’s best places to jump aboard a regional bus or hire a Vespa whilst you dot around some of the world’s best wineries…

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