Rome was, is and will continue to be one of the world’s great travel destinations, as a sprawling metropolis that comprises ancient ruins, an unmistakably elegant vibe, gorgeous architecture and sumptuous Italian cuisine!

Naturally, it’s also a city with some pretty incredible sites, with the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps and Vatican City just the very beginning of the wealth of incredible sites to see in this grand old town.

If you want to see all of Rome’s top sites and a few of the smaller ones, we recommend spending at least three days in the city. This will give you ample time to meander around its ancient ruins and its slightly more contemporary marvels, ensuring you don’t leave the capital with a sense of lost opportunity.

Given the stature of Rome’s sites, which can easily take at least half a day to fully experience, it’s easy to see why Rome isn’t a town you day trip to from the likes of Florence or Milan – you need a few days to enjoy these unforgettable sites:

The Colosseum

A good tour of the Colosseum will take up a few hours of the day, in which time you have plenty of opportunities to marvel at its once-gory expanse and channel your inner Joaquin Phoenix from the arena’s grandstands.

We totally recommend joining a “skip the line” Colosseum tour which will teach you all about this startling ruin, the gory battles that took place there and the bizarre emperors who presided over it with no notion of social etiquette or value for human (and animal) life.

It sounds gruesome – but it’s a truly unforgettable experience!

The Vatican City

The marvellous Vatican City is another adventure that will encompass a good few hours of the day, and it’s once again definitely worth it. The Vatican is a marvellous testament to religious piety, and even if you consider yourself a staunch non-believer you can still enjoy the microstate’s luxurious aesthetic (unless, of course, it enrages you!).

From the Sistine Chapel’s famous frescoes to St. Peter’s hallowed tombs, through to the beefed-up Vatican Museums and its incomprehensible wealth of masterpieces, the Vatican City is a place that all can enjoy – just make sure you’re dressed appropriately when you get there!

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