The name Tuscany is synonymous with a few things: Michelangelo’s David, rolling hills of green and gold, Medieval architecture in abundance and, of course, fine wine.

Tuscany Winery

Yes, Tuscany is the home to some of Italy’s most revered vino, with famed Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot noir all varieties made in this wonderful region!

Lovers of all things la dolce vita revel in the opportunity to hire a car (or Vespa!) to traverse the gorgeous landscape and try a few cellar doors, of which Tuscany has hundreds.

So, you might be wondering, how exactly does one go winery hopping in the wondrous region of Tuscany?

We have a few tips for you…

Plan ahead!

Tuscany is a huge region, so it’s important to know exactly how you want to experience your voyage di vino. The best place to start your planning is to decide what kind of wine you want to drink.

Do you enjoy the fruity palate of a Carmignano Cab Sav? Or does the rustic earthiness of a Chianti Sangiovese? It’s a good idea to base yourself in the subregion that produces the wine you like.

Do you go your own way or take a tour?

Next, it’s time to decide whether you’re going to hire a car/Vespa or take one of the many amazing winery tours that Tuscany has to offer. Hiring your own mode of transport is great as you can choose the wineries you want to visit and take your time getting around them.

On the other hand, dedicated tours are run by locals who really know good wine, and will take you to the best Tuscan wineries for an awesome day of revelry. What’s more, if you can see yourself indulging a little too heavily in a fine Chianti, it may be a good idea to skip driving yourself!

Take care on the roads

Tuscan roads are infamous for being winding and often composed of dirt, so if you are going to drive just be sure to take care and, where necessary, go slow. Finally, take a GPS or smartphone map along with you as these can help you understand distances between cellar doors and help you decide on how much time you want to allocate to each!

Tuscany is a wine lover’s paradise: a highly respected region producing low yields of top quality vintages.

Plan ahead and you will have the most amazing Tuscan wine tasting experience!

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