Glamorous Italia remains one of the must-see European travel destinations and for very good reason. Where else in Europe can you find so much ancient history, sumptuous cuisine, stunning beaches and a little dolce vita in the one boot-sized country?

Nowhere! And for this reason Italy is a must-do for travellers looking to experience a rich and diverse land of astounding beauty and culture!

You can easily make your own way throughout Italy, as the country is connected by high-speed rail/flights that will get from the likes of Tuscany to Rome to Napoli and beyond in no time.

However, we recommend taking guided tours in each individual city and region to truly give you a profound idea of what each place is in its own wonderful right!

Taking tours will help you understand the beautiful cultural nuances of places like:


Rome is affectionately known as “The Eternal City”, and a city that bears a nickname of such remarkable longevity is one that comprises sites that should be seen with a guide.

Why? Because only a guide will be able to tell you the profound history of, say, both the Colosseum and Vatican, as well as the amazing other attractions that make up this incredible old town (think the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain!).

Sure, you can tour the likes of the Colosseum alone, but you will miss out on hearing all the grand and gory stories that make the arena so much more than a well-preserved series of stone and concrete archways…


Now touring Pompeii with a guide is a must, because otherwise you will just be gazing upon the magnificently-preserved structures without any context as to their place in Pompeii society!

A Pompeii guide will help you distinguish between manor houses and temples, theatres and forums, transporting you through time as you wander the incredible site.


A Tuscan tour should be at the top of your list, especially if you’re a lover of all things high quality and Italian. Whether it’s a Vespa tour out to some of the region’s world famous wineries – or a stroll through some of the region’s ornate mediaeval towns – there is no better way to explore this sublime region than with the help of a knowledgeable local guide (and a quality mode of transport to get you around!).

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