Pompeii, that ever-absurd testament to nature’s wrath, is one of the world’s strangest historical sites.

The once-great citadel met a cruel end one day in AD 79, when neighbouring Mount Vesuvius decided it was time to unleash its volcanic fury all over the town and surrounding region, burying it in ash and pumice for years to come.

It was only until the 18th Century did some savvy archaeologists go to work on uncovering the tragic site, propelling Pompeii toward the historical landmark we know today!

Each year, some 2.5 million tourists meander its ancient colonnades, streets and villas, taking in an eerie spectacle of destroyed lives and buried remains. But don’t let its tragedy deter you – Pompeii is truly a spectacular place to visit.

You can take a self-guided Pompeii tour, with maps provided to navigate your way around the remains. This being said, you will miss out on a wealth of fascinating historical facts and insight that make a Pompeii tour what it is, a treasure trove of lives and fortunes frozen in time.

For this reason, we totally recommend tagging along with a guided tour so you can learn everything there is to know about this mythical place and everything it once was!

These stunning sites await you upon entry:

The Forum

Much like Rome’s Forum, the Pompeii iteration is where deals were done and parades paraded, making the Forum the centrepiece of Pompeii life. It is probably the most grand of Pompeii sites, with a marvellous colonnade and the likes of the Temple of Jupiter and Sanctuary of Apollo awaiting your interest…

House of Mysteries

Easily the most intriguing of all Pompeii villas is that of the Villa dei Misteri, or “House of Mysteries”. I mean, the name says it alone, but the House of Mysteries is a joint that is completely shrouded in enigmatic absurdity, with a series of frescoes denoting some ancient cult initiation ritual.

Historians still can’t agree on what the heck is going on in the frescoes, making the Villa dei Misteri all the more fascinating.

Mount Vesuvius guided tour

See, the great thing about taking a guided tour is that you can hike to the top of that great fiery culprit with a knowledgeable guide. They will teach you all about that terrible day in AD 79 as well as the volcano’s geological makeup, giving you a comprehensive insight into how things unfolded when the you-know-what hit the fan…

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