The Leaning Tower of Pisa, despite being a cliche, kitschy oddity to enjoy on your Tuscan adventure, is still a rather miraculous sight to see.

The true enjoyment of visiting the Leaning Tower is not the moment where you treat it like an ice cream cone for your Instagram – it’s the moment when you arrive in the Square of Miracles, gaze upon the tower and realise, ‘oh, yeah, this thing is actually sitting at an angle of 3.99 degrees and counting…’

It’s truly bizarre to see the tower leaning out the way it does with the knowledge it is continuing to become more and more precarious as the years go on. In fact, the tower’s tumultuous tilt recently became such a worry that engineers were called in to restore its angle and ensure that it won’t fall for at least another 200 years (if at all!).

So, happy snaps aside, the Leaning Tower truly is a miraculous building and none more fitting for a square that bears such a name, and touring it is easily one of the best ways to experience it!

We really recommend climbing each and every one of the tower’s 294 steps. Not only is there the knowledge that you’re climbing something on a truly bizarre angle, but you will be truly rewarded when you reach the top, as the views of surrounding Pisa are quite remarkable in their own right.

It’s not hard to tag along with a Leaning Tower ascension, and it’s something that can unforgettably enjoyed alongside these other Pisa experiences:

The Square of Miracles

The Leaning Tower may be the Square of Miracles’ ultimate drawcard, but the other wondrous landmarks that dot the square always pleasantly surprise the tourists who thought that Pisa was a one-trick tower town.

The square also plays host to the glorious Pisa Cathedral, the charming Baptistry and the Monumental Cemetery, all beautifully rendered and perfect for enjoying once you have climbed the magical tower.

Head to the beach

When you think of Pisa you think of a giant tower jutting out of a gorgeous green field and that’s it. But many people who visit this charming town love to enjoy some summer respite from the inland warmth by heading out to the Marina di Pisa – a tranquil little beach that provides a cheeky little getaway from the buzz and excitement of the town centre…

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