Pompeii is one of the most bizarre and spectacular places to visit.

Pompeii Tour

This unbelievable ancient city stands frozen in time, having been buried by layer upon layer of volcanic ash and pumice in AD 79. Visitors meander around this once great city, taking in the absurdity of the fact that this was once a thriving establishment, quickly buried in one fell swoop.

Whether you’re gazing upon the strange artworks of the Villa dei Misteri, marvelling at the grand columns and theatres of the town centre or learning about ancient household goods at the Antiquarium, Pompeii is a truly incredible place to learn about life in a town whose existence ceased in an instant and was resurrected hundreds of years later!

Many people often ask if you can tour Pompeii alone and the answer is yes, you can tour Pompeii on a solo mission. However, touring Pompeii alone is great for people who want to casually meander around the grounds, taking in the sheer strangeness of the city, unless you already know all about the city you will miss out on some of the best info!

Pompeii is a historical time capsule, and this is made more impressive by learning all about it from a local, knowledgeable guide. Not only do guided tours take you around Pompeii, with all its grand ruins, but they can also take you up the culprit of the day itself – the formidable Mount Vesuvius!

Touring Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius together

This is the ultimate history-lover’s tour, as you will be taken from Rome, down the Highway of the Sun, to the sparkling city of Naples (where you can check out amazing views and enjoy traditional pizza in its hometown), and onto the amazing ruins of Pompeii.

Here, your guide will teach you all about the site and its Antiquarium, theatres, villas, colonnades, baths and more. From there, you will be taken up the incredible Mount Vesuvius itself, where your local hiking guide will teach you all about the (still active!) volcano and the terrors that unfolded on that awful day almost two thousand years ago.

It’s a truly incredible tour for anyone who wants to experience this strange part of the world in all its splendour, from mountains through to destroyed mansions. See, why would you want to tour Pompeii solo – you miss out on all the best stuff!

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