Venice, to some it may seem a little romantically cliche to hop aboard a gondola and go winding around its ancient canals, but those people simply haven’t been to Venice!

Visit Venice

To others, this is one of the perfect ways to experience this absolutely gorgeous old town, taking in the Canale Grande, Saint Mark’s Basilica and Rialto Bridge as you meander slowly through foggy waterways.

One of the great things about experiencing Venice is its relatively small size, making it perfectly easy to see all the city’s main sights in three days. You will have plenty of time to see its ornate architecture, sample its fine food and even get out to some of the more tranquil parts of the city in just three days, experiencing some of these amazing activities along the way…

A gondola ride, of course!

That’s what we say, and we don’t care if it is cliche! A gondola ride through Venice is the ultimate way to see this fine town in all its glory. Riding down the Canale Grande, Venice’s principle waterway, is an absolute joy to behold, not to mention ducking off the Gran Canale and taking in some of the quiet back passages.

So, drag your naysaying friend along and get them aboard one of the city’s gondolas – it’s the best way to see Venice!

St Mark’s Basilica

There really isn’t another building quite like St Mark’s Basilica in the world. This absolute luxurious Catholic church was built around 900 years ago and easily preserves that ancient, ornate elegance that was so prominent in days where artisans took the time to create something truly spectacular.

The facade itself is amazing, full of sculptures and giant columns, but the inside contains some of Italy’s most incredible frescoes and Byzantine masterpieces making the basilica quite perfect on the inside and out!

The Lido

Venice’s main section is quite bustling (as to be expected), but the Lido is a part of town that is wonderfully serene, making it the perfect mini-break from the excitement of the town. If you’ve enjoyed your fill of busy streets, squares and waterways, and are looking for something more tranquil to round out your Venezian adventure, then the Lido is the absolute place to be.

With plenty of beachfront, stores, charming buildings and restaurants to enjoy, the Lido often ends up being one of the favourite places budding travellers head to when visiting the marvellous city of Venice!

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