Italy’s Campania region encapsulates everything that makes the country so joyously intoxicating. From Naples’ chaotic allure to the Amalfi Coast’s glistening hillside landscape, there is nowhere in Italy that embodies the country’s exciting mishmash more than wondrous Campania!

Visitors basing themselves in old Napoli will be thrilled to know that yes, you can most certainly take a day trip from Naples to the Amalfi Coast. Of course, not everyone has the time to spend day gallivanting around the coast’s pastel-hued laneways, pebbled beaches and cliff top hiking spots, so a day trip would be the perfect Amalfi “lite” experience.

Be sure to check out one – or all – of these unforgettable spots when you go there:

Grab a photo at the Spiaggia Grande

If your sole objective for heading for a day trip to the Amalfi is to grab some Gram-worthy snaps, then there is nowhere else you’d rather start than the world famous Spiaggia Grande.

This stunningly gorgeous beach is easily one of the world’s most photographed, with bikini-clad and boardshort-wearing boys and girls from across the globe angling the perfect snap of them up against that unmistakable pastel-covered hillside.

After all, the Amalfi Coast is known for its gorgeous beaches, and regardless of the photo situation, a beach day is a pretty good way to spend a day trip…

Hike the Path of the Gods

If lying around the beach isn’t your idea of the perfect day trip, and you are more one who wants unrivalled coastal views with a healthy amount of exercise in the mix, there is no better way to experience such an adventure than the Path of the Gods hike.

Situated atop the Amalfi’s rolling cliff tops, this 7.5 km, two to four hour hike will present to you the Amalfi in all its majestic glory. You will trek through ancient towns whilst taking in some of Italy’s most superb views, period, and finish up in Nocello, where you can then take a bus down to enjoy gorgeous Positano…

Visit Sorrento

Sorrento is to many the Amalfi’s most beautiful town, with gorgeous buildings and charming coastal views making up this vibrant Amalfi spot. What’s more, the town is a big producer of the Amalfi’s local specialty, the delightfully tart limoncello.

Check out the sublime Sorrento cathedral before stopping into a bar for a taste of the local delicacy – it will be a worthwhile refreshment…

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