The stunning beaches, enchanting villages and rich history of the Amalfi Coast is calling! Our tours around the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii are available now.

Dotted with colourful fishing villages, picturesque beaches and fragrant citrus groves, the Amalfi Coast is a romantic destination that feels as Italian as it can get. Here you can travel along the windy road hewn into the cliffs above the sea for incredible views, take a short boat journey to the stunning islands off the coast, and uncover the ancient history of ruins thousands of years old. Not to mention dining on some of the best regional produce in Italy.

Our tours around the Amalfi Coast are back on again, ready to show travellers everything this stunning spot has to offer. Whether you are staying at the bustling Naples or serene Sorrento, we have day tours to the area’s top attractions, and private tours available if you are after something a bit special. Join us to explore the fascinating ruins of Pompeii, the glamourous island of Capri and the picturesque towns along the Amalfi Coast.

The safety of our travellers is, as always, the highest priority and our tours will adhere to Italian government regulations regarding social distancing. Masks are mandatory on all tours, so please remember to bring your own to wear while on tour. As we try to run our tours as normal in these uncertain times, we appreciate your flexibility in case we need to make any changes to your tour.

  • Amalfi Coast Tour from Naples

    Explore the impressive cliffside towns and dramatic coastal drive along the Amalfi Coast with one of our day tours to the area. Gaze out the window at the cobalt waters of the Gulf of Naples as you travel along the windy coastal road to explore many of the region’s highlights on the Amalfi Coast Tour from Naples. Your first stop will be the enchanting town of Positano where you can wander the narrow streets to peruse the local boutiques, enjoy a coffee and pastry at a local café and admire the stunning architecture of the charming fishing village.

    We continue travelling along the scenic road to the town of Amalfi, where you can admire the incredible church built in the 9th century. Taste the local liqueur, limoncello, and browse the specialty shops of this quaint town. Our final stop on the tour is Ravello, where you will have more free time to explore before we return to Naples.

  • Pompeii Tours

    History buffs won’t want to miss the chance to explore the fascinating ruins of Pompeii. Enjoy a guided tour of the excavations from Sorrento or Naples on our Pompeii and Vesuvius Day Tours. As you meander through the ruins, your guide will regale you with historical anecdotes about the inhabitants of Pompeii and the eruption that froze the city in time in 79AD. The ruins offer an incredible window into the daily life of the ancient Romans, as we explore their houses, shops, public buildings, brothels and more.

    After you have checked out the ruins, view where it all started with a hike to the top of Mount Vesuvius. The devastating eruption of the volcano in 79AD was one of the deadliest in European history, burying Pompeii and the surrounding region in a fatal cloud of ash and debris. Still an active volcano, you can climb to the top for a peek into the crater and spectacular views out to sea. An alpine guide will be around to answer questions about the impressive natural phenomenon before you head back home.

  • Capri Tours

    Capri has been drawing travellers since the time of the Roman Empire when the Emperor Augustus built villas and temples on the island to create his own private paradise. Now you can explore the dramatic craggy coast, charming resort villages and small sandy beaches with a tour from Sorrento or Naples. The island is just a short boat trip from Sorrento and offers plenty of things to do on a day trip.

    Once you arrive on the island, wander the enchanting streets of the two towns, Anacapri and Capri, browsing the boutiques and admiring the stunning architecture. For astonishing views of the island and surrounding turquoise waters, follow the path to the top of Monte Solaro and gaze out from the viewpoints at the island’s highest point. If you aren’t feeling up to the hike, the chairlift is a thrilling way to appreciate the views.

    After you have explored Capri on land, it’s time to enjoy it from the sea. A boat trip around the island offers you a unique perspective of the rocky cliffs and iconic Faraglioni Rocks. And no trip to Capri is complete without experiencing the exceptional azure illumination inside the Blue Grotto. Take a small boat into the cave to admire the astonishing blue reflection of the water inside the sea cave and be amazed by the enchanting illusion.

  • Private Tours

    If you are after a more personal experience on the Amalfi Coast, we offer private tours to the area with local drivers and guide. Sit back and relax as our driver transports you around the highlights of the Amalfi Coast in your own private transport. You’ll stop at the beautiful fishing villages of Sorrento, Ravello, Positano and more, with free time to explore at your own pace. For an in-depth experience, include a local guide who will show you through the towns, telling fascinating stories to offer you a deeper understanding of the rich history and culture of the region. With customisable itineraries, we can create the perfect trip for you based on your interests.

    For travellers who want a deeper understanding of Pompeii, have a particular interest or just would prefer to explore without a group, we offer our Private Pompeii Tours. You’ll have two hours to explore the ruins with a private guide who will show you around the ancient city and explain what we have learnt about the daily life of Ancient Romans from the excavations.

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