Italy is full of gorgeous grottos to check out on your next visit.

Italy grottos

To put it into simple terms, a grotto is a cave. Italy is dotted with these spectacular rock formations from the north to the south. Some are full of stalactites and stalagmites, while others are flooded by ocean waters.

Below is a list of five grottos to add to your Italy itinerary.

1. Blue Grotto (Grotto Azzurra)

Blue Grotto in Italy

If you have heard of any grottos in Italy, you have probably heard of the Blue Grotto. This magnificent site is found on the Island of Capri and is one of the top attractions to see when visiting.

You can take a tour to explore the Blue Grotto for yourself! Just imagine jumping on a boat on a sunny afternoon and sailing into a dark cave along the shoreline. Once your eyes adjust, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the stunning deep blue of the waters below.

2. Bue Marino Caves (Grotte del Bue Marino)

The Bue Marino Caves are a series of caves decorating the western shoreline of Sardinia. These caves are full of both turquoise sea water and fresh water from rivers that run underground. You will also find beaches, stalactites, and stalagmites in these caves. They are truly a magical place to visit!

3. Addaura Cave (Grotta dell’Addaura)

The Addaura is a cave found inland in Sicily. This cave may be on the smaller side, but it is one of Sicily’s hidden gems. In fact, this cave holds some incredible wall engravings that date back to the Mesolithic period. Some of the engravings include human figure movement, horses, and deer.

4. Emerald Grotto (Grotta dello Smeraldo)

One of the more well-photographed Italian caves is the Emerald Grotto. Though you may have seen a photo of this grotto, you have to see it yourself to capture its entire beauty. Located on the Amalfi Coast, this grotto has a gorgeous greenish glow to it. Believe us when we say it is absolutely stunning!

5. Frasassi Caves (Grotte di Frasassi)

Frasassi Caves in Italy

Last but not least are the Frasassi Caves. These caves are located in the Marche region of Italy in a national park. This cave system is quite expansive and contains many different parts to explore. You will see crystal-clear water, stalactites, and towering stalagmites. Some parts of the cave are so massive that a whole building could fit inside of it.

Be sure to add a stop to one or all of these caves on your trip to Italy!

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