Praiano is a gorgeous coastal town located on the Amalfi Coast.

The quaint seaside town of Praiano is known for charm, crystal-clear water and stunning beaches. When you’re not exploring the town or dining in one of the delicious restaurants, chances are you’ll be relaxing on the pristine beaches.

Here are three of the most stunning beaches in Praiano!

  1. Gavitella

Gavitella offers unparalleled views across the coast. If you are spending time at this beach, you will be able to see the neighbouring town of Positano and the magnificent island of Capri. This beach is also the perfect place to watch the sunset. Pack a picnic or bring some bubbles to watch as the sun drifts towards the horizon.

You can gain access to this beach in a few different ways. The walk to the beach is about 50 meters from the town square. If you are driving, you can park near the beach but will still have to walk a little bit. There is also a bus that stops near the beach.

It is important to note that the beach can only be accessed by a flight of steep steps. You will have to climb down the steps to access the beach, and back up the steps to leave. However, this trek is completely worth it!

  1. Furore Fiord

The unique beach of Furore Fiord boasts stunning scenery. What makes this beach unique? It is situated between two towering cliffs, which are connected via a stone bridge. Because of its location, Furore Fiord only receives sunlight in the early morning. If you’re a morning person, this is a great place to begin your day!

Despite its sunny mornings, the beach is the perfect spot to visit any hour of the day. The shaded beach provides a cool escape from those hot summer days. After you have visited the beach, be sure to head to the nearby museum. The museum sits in what used to be an old fishing village.

This beach is accessible by motorcycle or bus. There are unfortunately no parking spaces available near the beach. Once you are near the beach, you will have to take a steep flight of stairs down to the beach.

  1. Marina di Praia

The Marina di Praia isn’t a sandy beach but it is instead a pebble beach. The beach is located at the base of a cliff. Atop the cliff sits an ancient watch tower called Torre a Mare.

Not only is there a pebble beach and crystal clear water. There are also delicious restaurants and a popular dance club.

If you’re looking to soak in the sun, the best time of day to visit this beach is around midday. Because of its location, the beach is typically shaded in the morning and afternoon. Don’t miss out on the nearby romantic coastal walk that is located here! The walking path begins at the beach and wraps around the cliff. The beach is best accessed by car or public transport.

By now you’re probably dreaming of a romantic and sunny Italy vacation. We sure are!

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