From historic marble structures to being the birthplace of some of Italy’s most famous Renaissance-era artists, Pisa is one the country’s must-visit destinations for those seeking fascinating art, culture and history. While it’s no surprise that the Leaning Tower is the city’s headline landmark, there are also a variety of other ancient places to be discovered throughout Pisa’s charming streets and its surrounding communities.

Our Pisa tours take you to explore the city’s must-see monuments, while also getting the inside scoop from our range of expert local tour guides. Whether you only have enough time to experience the Square of Miracles or wish to spend the day delving into Pisa’s alluring culture, we offer a tour that matches your ideal Pisan escape.

Pisa Day Tours & Trips From Florence

Leave behind the city streets and join us for a Pisa guided tour from Florence, where you’ll get to journey through the stunning Tuscan countryside before arriving at perhaps the world’s most famous architectural complex, the Square of Miracles. The Half Day Pisa Tour from Florence sees you embark on a comprehensive exploration of the Square of Miracles and its four world-famous structures. Across the Pisa Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Camposanto, and the Leaning Tower, you’ll be provided with keen insight into how these towering white marble structures came to be, while also hearing about the remarkable events that took place here.

For travellers looking to find out even more about the region, our Pisa & Lucca Day Trip from Florence welcomes you into these famous landmarks once more before we depart for the nearby town of Lucca. Famous for its soaring centuries-old city walls, we’ll roam Lucca’s cobblestoned streets as we explore the town’s bustling shopping boutiques and its stunning medieval town centre.

Experience Other Pisa Guided Tours

While some people are fortunate enough to have enough time to spend the entire day exploring Pisa, for those that only have the opportunity to make a quick trip, we have two great options. Led by a professional guide, the 1-hour Pisa guided tour ensures that you get an up-close look at each of the four miracles and still have plenty of time to capture the whole experience.

Another guided tour is the two-hour Pisa walking tour that begins in the centre of Pisa and visits a selection of striking monuments, including the Arno River and the sprawling Garibaldi Square. We’ll then make our way to the Square of Miracles and soak up all of the sights on offer. Pisa is definitely one of Italy’s unmissable cities – and by jumping on one of our delightful tours, you’ll get to experience the city at its very best.

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