Capri may be a small secluded island, but it has a huge reputation for being one of the top tourist destinations along Italy’s coast.

Featuring jagged cliff tops, crystal clear waters, and friendly locals, the island has a little something for everyone. But by far one of its biggest draws is Villa Jovis, an ancient villa built on the island hundreds of years ago.

The History of Villa Jovis

Back in the ancient time of the Roman Empire, Emperor Tiberius fell in love with the secluded island of Capri. Emperor Tiberius was said to be a military man and had very little patience for Rome’s politics. Eventually, he grew bitter and sought out Capri to escape from the chaos of Rome. Being history’s first tourist of the region, and commissioning twelve villas to be built on Capri. It was later documented by Suetonius, who was Rome’s biggest gossip at the time, that Tiberius used Capri’s Villa Jovis to engaged in all kinds of debauchery, with orgies and torture common.

About Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis was the largest villa created, being around 7,000 square metres in size. The Villa is nestled on the Mount Tiberius promontory, as well as the slope that descends Cesina, being the most remote Villa. Built specifically in this spot due to the view encompasses of most of the Gulf of Naples and beyond, being one of the best lookout spots in all of the Amalfi Coast.

The beauty of the Villa isn’t just due to its stunning view, but its spectacular architecture. Styled similar to the Classical villas from the Roman empire, with features much like a small fortress. Within the centre of the features several cisterns, a forward-thinking design to collect rainwater as the island had no natural springs.

To visit Villa Jovis visitors must start at the centre of town and walk 2 kilometres to the attraction. Make sure to wear your walking shoes, as it is a steep journey with no shortages on offer. Once there, most explore the area for at least a couple hours, heading into the entrance region to see the servant quarters, the rain system region, the bath complex, and other rooms available. Each section has a detail information sign attached, to help those without tour guides to know whereabouts they are within the Villa. The remaining floor mosaics and building once were. Afterwards head to the gardens where the lush greenery and flowers create a truly enchanting scenery.

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