An archipelago paradise surrounded by 117 mini-islands, resting within the shallow waters of the Venetian Lagoon

Venice is world-renowned as a magical floating city that has much more to offer than Gothic landmarks and Gondola rides. Often overlooked by visitors, the islands in the Venetian lagoon have the capability to surprise you with a whole different view of this incredible city.

  • 1. Murano

    Murano is a beautiful island that’s just a 10-minute boat ride away from the old town of Venice, Italy. World-renowned for manufacturing top-notch glass, Murano has earned its name for preserving this delicate talent for eons. The island lures travellers from across the world for its small island charm that’s perfect to escape the humdrum of everyday life.

  • 2. Burano

    Famous for its exquisite lace and brilliantly coloured houses—Burano is not just the epitome of beauty but also renowned for its casual eateries serving authentic Italian seafood from the lagoon. While the vibrantly coloured houses line the sides of the canals, each one is painted differently by the locals, highlighting the rainbow aesthetic of the island!

  • 3. Torcello

    If you’re looking to relish the serene surroundings of Venice, then the tiny island of Torcello is the place to be at! While it is a lot quieter than other islands of Venice, it not only enjoys less commercial activity but also reverberates with lovely, lush greenery — allowing you to see some nature on your city break.

  • 4. Giudecca

    Situated just a short 3-minute boat trip away from the old town of Venice, Giudecca offers extraordinary panoramic views of the city, allowing you to admire it from afar! It is extremely popular among the students and young travellers who cannot resist its relaxed, laidback lifestyle that merges well with its distinctive village-like vibe. What’s more, the island promises to bid a treat to your taste buds thanks to the casual eateries and pizzerias on the promenade overlooking the lagoon.

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