The Sistine Chapel, based in the Apostolic Palace, is one jaw-dropping attraction in the Vatican City.

With extraordinarily frescoed ceiling and walls, this much-treasured location attracts travellers like honey lures bees. Regarded as one of the crowning achievements of Western art, the Sistine Chapel is referred to as one major artistic accomplishment of the human civilization.

What’s more, the Sistine Chapel is not just famous for its phenomenal 15th-century artistic works but also for being a religious place where principal papal ceremonies are organised, including the election of the new Pope! While the exterior is not as beautifully decorated as the interior, the six arched windows on each side of the walls and a barrel-vaulted ceiling at the entrance display the remarkable Renaissance architecture. It is a historic marvel from inside out!

Take in the gorgeous centuries-old artworks

As you step inside the Sistine Chapel, you will be wowed by the colourful frescoes gloriously painted by Florentine Renaissance masters like Michelangelo, Botticelli, Luca Signorelli, and Sandro Botticelli. From the ‘Stories of Moses’ on the south and entrance walls to the ‘portraits of the Popes’ on the north and south, visitors get amazed with the talent of these acclaimed personalities. These unparalleled masterpieces make Sistine Chapel the wonder of the Renaissance.

Be stunned by the crème de la crème

The best part about visiting the gem of the Vatican City is witnessing the incomparable Michelangelo’s gigantic frescoes that adorn the Sistine ceiling. While you marvel at the magnum opus, you’ll gain an enriching experience as you feel the strong sense of emotionality with the paintings. The highlight of the Sistine Chapel is the heavenly image of ‘The Creation of Adam’ that never fails to engross the visitors. While these depictions of incidents and personages from the Old Testament take your breath away, unfortunately, you aren’t allowed to take photographs.

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