Things to do in Sorrento

Sorrento is a stunning peninsula located in the bay of Naples on the Amalfi Coast. With incredible vantage points to some spectacular vistas, the finest restaurants and a romantic gateway, Sorrento lures thousands of travellers from across the world.

Sorrento has something for all travellers, from shopping at the chicest boutiques to savouring authentic Italian dishes at restaurants to thrill-seeking underwater activities. Here we provide you a quick glimpse of what your visit to Sorrento could be like.

Explore the quiet cobbled street of the little gem

The town of Sorrento has best of both the worlds- it intertwines the thrill of a city break and the relaxation of seaside beach break. You can spend your day sightseeing and wandering through the narrow streets with occasional halts to discover the history and culture of Sorrento. From the triple-tiered bell-tower to terracotta-hued Museum Bottega Della Tarsialignea to the fishing village of Marina Grande, you’ll feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

What’s more; you can explore what lies underneath the crystal blue Mediterranean water and swim alongside colourful corals, a variety of fish and a submerged statue of Madonna at Vervece Island. And for some adventure on land, you can hike on the Mount Vesuvius that is notoriously famous for the destruction of the recently excavated city of Pompeii.

Get lost in the alleyways

Stroll around this Italian town at your own pace to feel the true essence of being in Sorrento. Wander through the streets and you will find terrific stores to spark your interest. From intricate woodwork to hand-painted ceramics to made-to-measure footwear, you won’t be able to hold yourself back from owning these extraordinary handicrafts.

Also, as you explore the place make sure you try the locality’s special pasta-like dish ‘gnocchi’ served in authentic Sorrento style in a creamy tomato sauce, topped with homemade mozzarella. It is customary to follow this with a shot of tasty, citrusy limoncello which locals, as well as travellers, absolutely love.

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