The island of Capri holds a fascinating history with crumbling ruins and historic spots scattered about.

Undoubtedly one of the most glorious historic spots on Capri is the Villa Jovis, an ancient villa once owned by Emperor Tiberius. Featuring crumbling walls, preserved beauty, and the spectacular cliff drop known as Salto di Tiberio.

The History of Emperor Tiberius

He is known as Rome’s most hated Emperor, who spent the majority of his time living remotely on the island of Capri. Emperor Tiberius was the second to rule over the Roman Empire, being thrust into leadership after his adoptive father Augustus death. He was a military man and showed courage and wisdom in his early years. However, he was not a fan of politics and grew bitter and gloomy, earning more enemies than friends during his reign. the He soon grew paranoid, and after the death of his son, ran away to Capri to live a life of retirement while still having the title of Emperor to his name.

Emperor Tiberius’ life on Capri

Emperor Tiberius’ life in Capri is still clouded with mystery, with many rumours and stories stating his wicked antics. Suetonius, a Roman citizen stated that Tiberius indulged in an array of indulgences, from sexually depraved activities to excessive drinking. It was said that his Villa was filled with sexually explicit paintings, as well as on his giving even more proof to onlookers about his wicked ways.

Salto di Tiberio, also known as Tiberius’ Leap, is a historic spot for the Emperor. It was said that during the Emperor’s particularly crueller years, he threw his enemies and those who displeased him off the cliff, for them to perish from the fall. Although this story does not have concrete proof, the cliff is still famous for this tale. Travel out to the region and see the cliff’s stunning views, that are real enough!

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