Nestled along the south-west coast of Capri island, the Lighthouse of Punta Carena is truly an unforgettable sight.

About the Punta Carena Lighthouse

Built-in 1866, this lighthouse is the second tallest in Italy, coming second to Genoa. It is one of the most important Lighthouses around, guarding the Tyrrhenian Sea for boats roaming about. Behind the lighthouse lies the cliff of the Migliera, featuring defence walls built by the British in the 19th century, aiming to protect the island from any invasion. The lighthouse stretches up 28 metres, being a two-story tower that was designed in an octagonal shape.

Watch at Sunset

Renowned for being one of the best and most romantic spots to watch the sunset setting over the sea. The waters are reflecting the pink and orange colours of the setting sun, with the red stripes of the lighthouse blending together perfectly with the soft glow of light. Visitors can walk up to the top of the cliff, or sit in the coastal beach, taking in the picturesque scenery with their partner or posse.

Head to the Beach

Due to the lighthouse being on the edge of the coast, it is the perfect place for a beach day. With many heading down to the crystal clear waters and swimming out to the deep waters, or sunbaking the day away. Seeing the lighthouse from this perspective shows off its impressive size even more, as seeing it from the water gives you a great view of the surrounding land behind it.

Hike to the Lighthouse

Visitors can reach Punta Carena Lighthouse Capri by either foot or bus. If you opt to walk, it can take up to an hour, so make sure to pack your hiking shoes. This can give you an even better experience at the lighthouse, as you can enjoy the surrounding greenery and jagged cliffs from up close and personal before you even arrive at the attraction.

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