Things to do in Pompeii

The lost and found Roman city of Pompeii has become a flourishing tourist destination after its successful excavation in 1748. Once smothered under a thick layer of volcanic ash, this well-preserved ancient city is now a major tourist hub with its fascinating yet eerie ruins, colossal gladiatorial arenas, and ghoulish catacombs.

Located approximately 150 miles from Rome, this UNESCO-listed city is a huge and overwhelming place flooded with several archaeological sites. Its exceptional state of preservation gives an insight into the Roman world that existed centuries ago. Also known as one of the richest archaeological sites in the world, Pompeii is guaranteed to hook visitors. Here we give you a peek into the city of Pompeii where time has stood still for centuries.

Savour the well-preserved slice of first-century Roman life

Step back in time like a time-traveller and explore the recently recovered centuries-old cisterns, elegant houses and sophisticated villas that line the long-lost Roman streets. Revel in the walk down the paved roads of Europe’s most compelling archaeological site and marvel the oldest-standing houses, ancient temples, and colourful amphitheatres. Get a good laugh as you read a series of graffiti that cover the walls of the millennia-old buildings. The stunning floor mosaics and wall paintings of Roman mythology are sure to get you a perfect shot for your Instagram post.

A walk to the past!

Tours are available from Rome, Naples and Sorrento to see the ghostly ruins and real traces of inhabitants that are a stark reminder of the active volcanic Mount Vesuvius. From plaster casts that cover the bodies buried in the eruption to treasured possessions like good luck charms, a trip to Pompeii is going to be a moving experience that you’ll cherish forever.

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