One of the greatest attractions along the Amalfi Coast is the stunning island of Capri.

Home to spectacular natural wonders, impressive five-star resorts, and the ancient ruins of Emperor Tiberius’ Palace.

About Emperor Tiberius

Emperor Tiberius is known throughout history as Rome’s least liked Emperor. He was the second to rule the entire Roman Empire, being thrust into his leadership role after his adopted father was murdered. Despite his tarnished reputation in his later life, Tiberius’ start to being Emperor was surprisingly decent. He was a military man and was known for his courage and wisdom, following in his adopted father’s footsteps for his first few years as emperor. However, Tiberius did not enjoy politics and soon became bitter and cruel in his reign, forming more enemies than supporters. His personal life as well took a toll on him, with his mother being very controlling, his marriage forced apart by his father in law, and sadly the death of his son. Eventually, this all grew too much for Tiberius, leading him to run to the Island of Capri to live a life of semi-retirement while still owning the title of Emperor.

About Emperor Tiberius’ Palace

His time in Capri is to this day, still clouded in mystery. Throughout his time here, many rumours of orgies, executions, excessive drinking and more flooded Italy, but there is very little evidence remaining to support this. However, we do know of Tiberius’ love for Capri, with reports in him stating it was a natural paradise and the perfect escape from Rome’s politics. He became the island’s first historic tourist, marking it on the map by building twelve luxurious villas here. One of them was known as Villa Jovis, known as Emperor Tiberius’ palace. Nestled on 7,000 square metres, this Villa was the largest of the twelve, nestled right along the Mount Tiberius promontory. The Palace was known for its stunning views of the sea and coastal clifftops, with the large balconies and courtyards showcasing most of the Gulf of Naples and beyond. Still to this day, it is known for being one of the best lookout points in all the Amalfi Coast. Back in the day, it was said that the palace had extraordinary architecture. Styled off the majority of the classical villas from the Roman empire, with the centre of the features several cisterns, a forward-thinking design to collect rainwater as the island had no natural springs.

What you can see here today

Due to its age and the overthrow of the Roman Empire, Emperor Tiberius’ palace has crumbled to mere ruins. With only certain walls, doors, and sections of the Villa remaining today. To see the palace in person, visitors can start the journey from the centre of Capri’s town, walking only 2 kilometres up the steep path to see the spectacular sight. Once arrived, visitors can see the servant quarters, the rain system region, and the bath complex which still partly remain, while taking in the breathtaking sight of the region while they are at it!

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