Things to do in Murano

Murano is a beautiful island that’s just a 10-minute Vaporetto ride from the old town of Venice, Italy. World-renowned for manufacturing top-notch glass, Murano has earned its name for preserving this delicate talent for aeons. The island lures travellers from across the world for its small island charm that’s perfect to escape the humdrum of everyday life.

The island is dotted with several convivial cafés, local shops and Murano glass museums where you can treat yourself to the goods of the island. From watching a glass making demonstration to buying stunning Venetian glass souvenir, the island will surely proffer you with the invaluable possessions that will remind you of your visit to this gorgeous gem. Here we give you a quick peek into the things that Murano has in store for you.

Marvel the architectural diversity

Did you know that Murano is a collection of seven individual islands linked together by bridges in the Venetian Lagoon? And these islands have witnessed spectacular architectural evolution since the Roman era! The colourful buildings with an amalgamation of different styles are all not only vying for attention but also narrating the stories that are centuries old, for instance, Basilica di Santa Maria e San Donato. This magnificent church is exquisitely adorned with Byzantine mosaics that make you speechless. Additionally, Palazzo da Mula is an epitome of Venetian Gothic architecture with large windows, ornate façade and a garden with lots of flowers.

Be a part of glass making

No place can beat Murano when it comes to manufacturing glass products to perfection. The famous blue glass starburst sculpture ‘Comet Glass Star’ never fails to meet the expectation of the visitors. Additionally, a visit to the glassblower’s shop is a must when in Murano to observe the fascinating process of glass making, and the end products of ceramic and fine glass. You will be astounded with the technique of producing Venetian glass that dates back to Egyptian times.

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