Located off the Amalfi Coast lies the small and secluded island of Capri.

Renowned for its natural wonders, dazzling resorts, and tranquil atmosphere. There are endless attractions to see on the island, but by far one of the greatest is Monte Solaro, Capri’s highest point. Rising more than 500 metres above Anacapri, Monte Solaro is the best lookout spot around, with locals referring to it as ‘Acchiappanuvole’ or ‘cloud catcher’.

About Monte Solaro

Locals refer to it as the cloud catcher point, due to the thick blanket of fog which appears around the summit during dawn. This is due to the thermal contrast between the sea and the rock is emphasized, with the sea air being warmer, and condensing into a mist, making it one of the greatest times to travel to the peak. This natural occurrence also appears in the evening, but is not as common, but is more frequent during the autumn months. especially in the autumn. Once the mist appears, the wind may clear certain regions of the clouds, revealing the staggeringly beautiful landscape below.

Barbarossa Castle

Perched on one of the smaller sections of Monte Solaro lies the ruins of Barbarossa Castle. The castle still remains clouded in mystery, as historians still debate the exact time of its construction, with many believing it was between the 10th and 12th century. It is a mesmerising attraction to see, with the stunning ruins filled with history and overgrown by the natural greenery of the land.

How to Get there

By chairlift: If you are in the mood to be whisked away to the clouds, why not take the island’s chairlift up? Departing from Piazza Vittoria, it only takes 12 minutes of stunning scenery and warm wind to reach the summit. Even if you are a bit nervous around heights, you’ll enjoy this glorious scenic trip up to the heavens!

By foot: Prefer to stay on the ground? You can instead simply trek up to the peak, giving yourself an incredible workout while seeing the attractions of the island up close and personal. The trail begins at Piazza della Pace, just behind the Anacapri’s cemetery, but make sure to bring your walking shoes, as it can take around an hour to reach the very top! and is, obviously, an uphill climb. However, it is well marked and not overly strenuous, and can be completed in about an hour one way.

If you are unsure which one to choose, why not pick both? With many visitors opting to walk up the mountain and taking the chairlift down for a relaxing end to your morning or afternoon adventure!

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