The spectacular island of Capri is famous for having it all. Featuring five-star resorts, natural wonders, and jaw-dropping views.

Marina Grande is at the centre of it all, featuring sapphire waters dotted with yachts anchored along the Marina. Although its style may have less of the cosmopolitan feel that awaits up the hill, the marina’s pebble beach and colourful houses are truly a picturesque snapshot into this holiday paradise.

The History of Marina Grande

Marina Grande is just one of the ports on Capri, with the other, named Marina Piccola, constructed prior to Marina Grande. The marina was once an ancient fishing port and later used by the Romans during the Augustian times. Over the years, the port grew bigger, with Emperor Tiberius fortifying the marina even further until it became the main port of Capri. Nowadays, you can’t visit Capri without passing through the marina, as it is the entrance for all ferries from the mainland. Being the port for both the commercial boars and private ships visiting the island.

The Beach

A visit to Marina Grande isn’t complete with a spot to the region’s public beach. It is the largest beach on Capri, with a number of beach clubs and restaurants lining the edge. Here you can swim amid the ruins of a Roman Villa or simply sunbake the day away on the set-out lounge chairs. No matter what you choose, you’ll enjoy your day at the popular pebble beach!

The Restaurants

If you’ve arrived from the ferry with an appetite, simply walk a few minutes to the local sea-side restaurants. The region is famous for its food, with the antipasto platters, pizza dishes, and seafood cuisines renowned. Simply set up shop and enjoy the sunset setting over the ocean horizon as you dig into this delicious feast, washing it down with the local wine or cocktails!

The Church

Chiesa di San Costanzo, known as the island’s oldest remaining church. Dating back to the 5th century, it can be seen instantly from Marina’s port. The whitewashed chiesa is stunning to see, contrasting beautifully with the nearby sapphire waters and colourful houses, the whitewashed chiesa is used to honour island’s patron saint, who resided on the island after facing a storm while sailing the sea. The church’s foundations was once an older Roman building, making the structure itself even more historic than first believed.

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