The Leaning Tower of Pisa is an absolute miracle of medieval engineering that beautifully displays the grandeur of the 10th-century Romanesque architecture.

The iconic freestanding monument has gained fame worldwide for being a gravity-defying structure.

Reckoned as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this magnificent human feat is a part of the massive cathedral complex ‘Square of Miracles’ that boasts of a magnificent cathedral, an expansive cemetery, and a double-doomed baptistery. Thousands of tourists flock to the complex to not just appreciate the structure but also to take creative photographs. Here we give you a quick glimpse into the Leaning Tower of Pisa that has perplexed people worldwide.

Be amazed by the architectural oddity

Originally built to flaunt military victories as well as the grandeur of Pisa, this structure now acts as one of the major tourist attractions in Pisa. While the quintessential white tower’s bristling columns and arches give it a genuine 10th-century appearance, there are some parts that have been renovated in recent years to decrease the tilt.

The tower has undergone several corrective measures to undo the inclination since the time when it started to lean towards the south but in vain! After carrying out detailed research, it has been concluded that the marshy land on which the Tower is built is responsible for its precarious position. And the same principle is the reason why the Tower has survived several tectonic movements, despite its abnormal inclination.

Capture the once-in-a-life moment

The characteristic inclination of the Tower has been used to create some interesting and creative photographs. The stereotypical traveller photo is that of forced perspective, for instance, holding up the historical Tower to prevent it from toppling. Additionally, pictures of hugging and kicking down the gigantic 186-foot bell tower make for a good laugh once your trips comes to an end. A visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa is an absolute must when in Italy.

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