The stunning views of Il Sentiero Degli Dei, Positano

Positano, as a vibrant town nestled into the Amalfi hillside, is full of absolutely incredible views. From the coloured houses overlooking the sparkling Meditteranean to the towering peaks that engulf the lively town, no one would ever accuse Positano of lacking in wondrous panoramas!

One of the best ways to catch a most breathtaking view of Positano and its adjacent sea is via Il Sentiero Degli Dei, rather appropriately translating to “The Path of the Gods”.

The name says a lot for Italy, a landscape that is full of sky-high passages and giant peaks, so you know this walk is one to remember. Connecting the hilltop town of Agerola with Nocelle, another hill-perched quarter of Positano, there is nothing quite like this absolutely impressive hike.

The walk is also an easy one: a three hour smooth stroll along the clifftops, complete with spectacular views of the Amalfi Coast, the gorgeous island of Capri and the beautiful slopes that make this region such a dramatic landscape. There are plenty of picnic spots along the way, too, perfect for taking some fine Campanian cuisine to keep the energy up.

Now that you’ve completed your walk of the gods and have made your way back into town, what are some of the awesome ways to chill out in Positano after a big morning’s hiking?

Chill out at Spiaggia Grande – possibly the world’s most famous beach

Spiaggia Grande is a beach that is etched into the memory’s, and Instagram accounts, of endless travellers. Why? Because it is a beautiful beach situated against the backdrop of Positano’s brightly-hued houses.

An afternoon spent chilling out at Spiaggia Grande is a must for Positano visitors, as well as the obligatory beach pic against the incredible backdrop. Just be sure to sandal-up when heading down there – like most Meditteranean beaches Positano is pebble-friendly, and these little stones can get damn hot in the summer!

Sip cocktails at Bagni d’Arienzo Beach Club

The Amalfi Coast has long been revered as a playground for the rich and famous, ever since the days Sophia Lauren bought a whitewashed holiday home on its hillside. It still retains that same glamorous atmosphere, and the perfect way to feel like an Amalfi jetsetter is by sipping cocktails at the Arienzo Beach Club, a short ferry ride from Spiaggia Grande.

Rent a sun lounger, work on that seaside tan and indulge in fine food and delicious cocktails – go on, you’ve earned it!

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