Nestled towards the top of the superb island of Capri lies an unforgettable garden of beauty. Known as the Gardens of Augustus, renowned for being a natural paradise with jaw-dropping panoramas views.

Trek up to this magnificent tourist attraction and be amazed by the sheer beauty of this region processes.

The History of the Gardens of Augustus

The original name for the gardens was ‘Krupp Gardens’, named after its creator, German industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp. He constructed the garden in the early twentieth century, along with his mansion nearby.

The Flora

The entire garden region is designed in terraces overlooking the oceanfront. Each section has its unique range of flora, blooming in pinks, greens, yellows, and more! The entire island’s various plant life can be found in this one garden, with various ornamental plants in particular geraniums, dahlias and brooms. Visitors will be truly mesmerised by the overwhelming colours and shapes of the lush greenery!

The Monuments

It’s not just the plant life to look out for in this luscious attraction, but the historic monuments scattered about. One of the most noteworthy is the monuments dedicated to Vladimir Lenin. There are very few of its kind still seen in the country, being a rare sight to see. Created in 1968, by the Italian sculptor Giacomo Manzu, and commissioned by the Soviet Embassy in Italy, this movement truly holds a fascinating history behind it. Stretching up 5 metres, and created in complete marble, the monument is located in front of the house of the Russian writer Maxim Gorky, who hosted Lenin there in 1908.

The Views

By far the biggest draw of the Gardens of Augustus is the jaw-dropping views featured here. Due to its high location, the gardens hosts one of the best lookout points in the entire Italian coast, with 180-degree panoramic of the Island of Capri and the sea beyond. Catch sightings of Mount Solaro, the bay of Marina Piccola, and the Faraglioni Rocks, as well as seeing the sapphire waters and the boats which scattered along the waves. This spot is perfect for your next Instagram shot, with many posing at the cliff edge for a truly unforgettable photograph with their partner or posse.

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