The beloved island of Capri is a hotspot for tourism, featuring natural wonders galore. One of the very best natural spots is the Faraglioni Rocks, containing three distinctive rocks jutting out from the deep sea.

It is renowned for being one of the most captivating landscapes in the world, with the jagged rocks contrasting beautifully with the crashing waters and lush greenery nearby.

About the Faraglioni Rocks

The name ‘Faraglioni’ is said to be from the Greek word ‘phraos’ which translated to ‘lighthouse’. This was due to the rock formations being used for years as a lighthouse spot, with individuals burning fire pits on the rocks to signal to the nearby boat’s safe navigation. Due to this long history with the locals, the Faraglioni rocks are not just an attraction sight, but a significant area of history.

The Faraglioni rocks have been created by millions of years of erosion, with wind and sea spray slowly cutting the rocks to form these recognisable formations. Prior to their erosion, these rocks were once caves and archways but now are completely cut off from the mainland island.

The Jutting rocks range between 80 and 150 metres in height, stretching up to deliver an impressive sight for visits. Each formation has its own individual name, with Stella being the first rock attached to the coastline cliff. The middle rock is named Faraglione di Mezzo, and the last rock, also known as the arch is Faraglione di Fuori.

When it comes to this natural wonder, most simply think of the formation having three large rocks, but they’re actually is a fourth. Sitting further away from the main rocks, this formation is known as Monacone, named after the sea cows that once roamed the region, but are now sadly extinct.

How to see the Faragliono Rocks

One of the best spots to see this glorious attraction is from Marina Piccola beach. The small haven beach is great not just for the view, but for a beach day on the coast. As many visitors come here to suntan and splash in the crystal-clear waters. Due to its closed-off enclave, the beach is warm throughout the year, as the bordering rock walls block the wind. Otherwise, you can head to one of the beach clubs of La Fontelina and Da Luigi, which overlook the rocks while offering you delicious drinks and comfy lounge chairs. If you’d prefer seeing the rocks from a high perspective, you can hike up to the Gardens of Augustus. This manicured garden spot showcases a dramatic sight of the Faraglioni, giving you the perfect background for your next Instagram photo!

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