The Italian comune of Campania is revered for many things: pastel-hued hillside houses, lavish beaches, otherworldly vistas and delectable regional cuisine.

Duomo di Salerno

From Positano’s world famous shoreline to the marvellous Il Sentiero Degli Dei passage, to the delightful taste of locally-produced limoncello, there is a reason why people flock to Campania for a little sea, sun and sumptuous food.

Another attraction Campania is renowned for is its Catholic architecture, with the region playing host to some of Italy’s most impressive ancient churches. One of these most majestic and intriguing cathedrals is the Duomo di Salerno, also known as St Matthew’s Cathedral.

A gorgeous institution built almost 1,000 years ago, the Duomo di Salerno is one of the best preserved and most impressive Italian churches. Dedicated to Saint Matthew, the cathedral’s crypt houses his relics, a stunning collection of ornaments that adorn the crypt’s lavish design.

A visit to the Duomo di Salerno should be on the itinerary of any visit to Campania, along with these incredible Amalfi adventures…

A charming day at Spiaggia Grande

Positano’s beach, Spiaggia Grande, could very well be the most instantly recognisable in the world: a gorgeous shorefront leading back to the town’s pastel-coloured houses. Whether you’re there to chill out or snap an obligatory Insta shot against the beach’s vibrant backdrop, Spiaggia Grande is a must-do when visiting the Amalfi Coast – we know you’ll be there!

Sundowners at the Bagni d’Arienzo Beach Club

The Amalfi Coast is a pretty lavish region, right? From the days of jetsetters and movie stars sipping champagne in lavish, clifftop villas, right through to the region’s contemporary glamour, The Amalfi Coast is a place that can truly give you that A-lister vibe.

One of the best ways to revel in the region’s luxurious beauty is by spending a day at the Bagni d’Arienzo Beach Club, a short ferry ride from Spiaggia grande. The beach club is gorgeous: it hosts sun lounges, refreshing cocktails and delicious Meditteranean cuisine – relaxes and enjoy la dolce vita!

You simply must visit Capri

Capri encapsulates the opulence of the Amalfi Coast, with stunning natural views, charming towns and high-end shopping all part of the island’s charm. Meander around the Augustus Gardens, take a boat tour around the island and window shop (or shop – depending on your travel budget) at some of the island’s designer stores.

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