The Campo de’ Fiori, translating to ‘field of flowers’ is one of Rome’s main squares.

A bustling place to visit both day and night, with markets bursting with colourful flowers, fruits, and vegetables.


The Piazza Campo dei Fiori has a fascinating history to be told. Once a field of flowers, hence the name, that was paved in stone in 1456 by the Pope Callistus III. Its central location, nearby to popular spots such as Palazzo Orsini, the piazza became a very popular spot. With shops, inns, taverns and markets all popping up in this historic square. One of the busiest days in the piazza was when the horse market was on, which took place twice every week.

The Piazza’s Monument

Public execution was also done in the square, with the most famous one being of Giordano Bruno, the Italian philosopher who was burnt at the stake for heresy in 1600. Nowadays, you can see a monument that was built in Bruno’s honour in 1889, located in the centre section of the square. The monument is a sinister statue of the hooded monk, created by the talented Ettore Ferrari.


The number one activity at Campo de’ Fiori is the markets. With its beloved market running since 1869. Operating every morning from Monday until Saturday, the square lights up in colour, with stalls setting up to sell a range of beautiful flowers, fruit, and vegetables. Visitors don’t even need to buy anything to enjoy the market, with the shouting locals and live music set up gets you right into the market atmosphere. After sunset time, the area becomes one of the best meeting spots in Rome. Its close proximity to the best bars, restaurants, and night attractions makes it the perfect place to start your night off at! Simply park yourself at one of the square terrace restaurants and bars and enjoy an Aperitivo with the locals before going off on your own!

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