It is one of the only remaining palaces in Venice that can still be visited today.

Being an impressive building that houses the Settecento Veneziano museum. Offering a look into one of the most magnificent Grand Canal palaces ever built.

The History of Ca’Rezzonico Museum

This fascinating palazzo is nestled on the banks of the Grand Canal, located in the Dorsoduro district. The site originally was home to two houses, owned by the Bon family, who was one of Venice‘s patrician clans. Due to the decay and ruin of the buildings, the palace was built in the 17th century, by the Bon family’s architect Baldassare Longhena. Years later, the palazzo was bought off them by the Rezzonico family and was renovated by Giorgio Massari. The building has a fascinating past, once being the residency of Pope Clement XIII, also known as Carlo Della Torre di Rezzonico during the 18th century.

The Ballroom

One of the most truly breathtaking sights within this building is the ballroom. Featuring shining wooden floors, detailed wallpaper, and the spectacular chandeliers dotted along with the ceiling. The ceiling also boasts detailed paintings with a 3D effect, which transforms the room into an artwork in itself.

The Throne Room

This room’s ceiling is also frescoed by Giambattista Tiepolo, showcasing cherubs and symbolic creatures flanking the ceiling, as well as a scene of Merit as a bearded old man crowned, rising from the Temple of Immortal Glory accompanied by Nobility. Grand furniture features in the room, with large gold and wooden frames showcasing stunning artwork, rich wooden chairs and side tables, as well as the gold and red throne chair.

The Artwork

Both the 3rd and 4th floors house the large collection of artworks found inside the Ca’Rezzonico Museum. Majority of the art collection was donated, with some of the works dating back to the 15th century. These include stunning paintings and marble statues, with many done in a range of famous art styles of the past. One of the greatest features this museum possesses is the pharmacy, series of rooms that showcase a large range of glass bottles and ceramic jars.

The Garden

After you’ve discovered all of the museums’ goodies, you can head to the garden located on the side of the building. Featuring beautifully manicured plants and trees, this spot is a peaceful retreat from the bustling city of Venice.

The Bookshop and Café

A good way to marvel at the exterior’s architecture is to visit the terraced café that directly faces the Grand Canal. Here you can gaze up at the detail of the building, while also watching the boats gliding past as you sip on some delicious coffee. Even head to the bookshop attached and spend the afternoon soaking up the sun on the terrace and getting lost into the pages of a new novel.

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