Renowned for being the most colourful spot in Italy, jam-packed with brightly coloured houses that reflect in the sapphire blue canals.

It is one of Venice’s prettiest islands, visitors can enjoy these picturesque locations without dealing with the typical crowds Venice’s centre draws in.

The Reasons for the colourful houses

The colourful houses of Burano were said to pop up for the fishermen of the region. As the bright pinks and blues were better seen through the thick fog common in the early mornings. Making it easier for the local fishermen to spot the suburb from the outer ocean. Others say it was to separate the houses are stacked next to each other, with each one having their own unique colour.

Church of San Martino

The church of San Martino is neither large nor grand, but it is known for being the only significant church in the region. A 16th-century, Roman Catholic church, but only reconsecrated in 1645 to its former glory. The building is home to a long history, with many unique stories to discover behind its large wooden doors.

Museum and School of Lace Making

The museum and school of lace were set up to preserve the region’s long tradition of this craft. Being famed for its ancient skill in lace, the small museum provides useful information on the history of lace here and the traditional styles of how it is produced. Teaching individuals the skills of lace, resulting in some of the most expensive lace in the country! See the masters at work when you visit this unique attraction.

Calle Galuppi

Calle Galuppi is the go-to spot to visit, being the main street on the island. It is bursting with charm, lined with brightly painted shops that sell beautiful lace, fresh bread, and bunches of unique goodies. If you’re after some quick food, head to the bakeries which sell traditional pastries and snacks, the perfect food to nibble on while you discovering the other attractions along Calle Galuppi. Many locals use this strip as a meeting place, so you can even melt into the background, watching the locals go about their business, with the community’s voices and laughter becoming part of Burano’s colourful landscape.

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