The Bay of Naples, also known as the Gulf of Naples, is one of the top destinations in all of Italy, a semicircular ocean inlet that is nestled along the south-western coast of the country.

No matter what’s on your holiday bucket-list, this region has you covered. Whether you are a history buff in search of ancient ruins, a beachgoer looking for the beach shores on the coast, or a nature lover seeking the best cliff-top hikes. Figure out which region suits your needs best!

Attractions in the Bay of Naples


It is one of the biggest cities in the region, mostly known for being the birthplace for the world-wide beloved pizza. Naples is the perfect place for those looking for plenty of excitement and activities, with plenty of restaurants and cafes, historic sites, and stunning views jam-packed into the city. One of the best attractions is the National Archaeological Museum, which is home to Pompeii’s body casts, as well as the underground ruins of ‘Napoli Sotterranea’, a series of ancient passages 40 metres below the city surface.


Known as the largest island in the Bay of Naples, Ischia is perfect for those looking for a spa trip away from the crowds. Bursting with lush greenery, natural hot springs, and stunning beaches, Ischia can let visitors escape the hustle and bustle of Italy and soothe those travel aches and sores. It is even renowned for being an affordable resort island, so you don’t even need to break the bank to visit!


You don’t even need a time machine to step back to the ancient times of Italy, with Pompeii being the perfect snapshot of the past, being the largest archaeological site in the entire world. Spend a day discovering the crumbling buildings and preserved artwork hidden about the city, learning about the lives of this ancient civilisation before their tragic demise of Mount Vesuvius’ volcanic eruption in 79 AD.


Small in size, but big in reputation, Sorrento is famed for being a seaside paradise. The city is filled with five-star resorts, wonderful restaurants, and lively bars, with every building and street beautifully decorated in colour and greenery. If this doesn’t interest you, the many ancient buildings of the city might. With the elaborate interior of Sorrento’s famous cathedral is sure to inspire even the fussiest history buff.


The small secluded island of Capri is one of the bay’s biggest destinations, perfect for nature lovers looking for a retreat. Featuring jagged cliff tops, crystal clear sapphire waters, and lush green plantlife. By far one of the biggest draws is the Blue Grotto, a sea cave that looks as though it glows in the dark, once the private swimming pool of a past Emperor of Rome.

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