The formidable beauty of the Arch of Constantine

Rome, The Eternal City, is blessed with so many incredible ancient landmarks that some of them can be easily overlooked. Why visit the Roman Forum when you can wander the hallowed grounds of the Colosseum? Why see the Pantheon when you can wander around the Vatican for a few hours?

The answer, of course, is because all of Rome’s ancient monuments are simply spectacular!

From the Pantheon’s majestic columns and unparalleled history to the Trevi Fountain’s lavish architectural design, Rome is a city that is best explored over multiple days through to the Spanish Steps and their miraculous grandeur.

One of such landmarks is the formidable Arch of Constantine, a stunning medieval gateway situated right outside of the Colosseum. Tourists rejoice in having the opportunity to view the gateway to the ancient city, as it provides an impressive reminder of the sheer majesty of the Roman Empire and all its glory.

So, why is a visit to the Arch of Constantine such a wondrous Roman landmark? And why should it be on any visitor’s to-see list?

It is the largest & most impressive of the Roman arches

For history buffs and tourists alike, the Arch of Constantine provides an imposing snapshot into the grandeur of the Roman Empire. Built in 312 AD to celebrate the triumph of Emperor Constantine at the Battle of Ponte Milvio, the incredible marble arch is adorned with reliefs and statues of glorious victory in battle.

What strikes visitors of the arch is its size: there are three giant archways in which the victorious soldiers would march when they returned to the impenetrable Eternal City. Standing at a massive 21 metres high, the Arch of Constantine has stood for millennia as a testament to the might and power of the Holy Roman Empire.

It’s the perfect route to get to the Colosseum

Want to imagine yourself in the times of Emperor Constantine, gladiatorial battles to the death and Roman splendour the likes of which hasn’t been seen again? Then take the route through the Arch of Constantine and onto the Colosseum, where you will get a truly astounding feel of what it was like to be a gladiator, spectator or emperor in that most legendary stadium.

The Arch of Constatine and Colosseum are the perfect landmarks to start your Roman adventure, and believe us – it’s just a start!

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