Things to do in Anacapri

The island of Capri has two villages – its namesake Capri and, higher up on the slopes of Monte Solaro, Anacapri. Unlike the constantly bustling streets in Capri, Anacapri presents a more tranquil side of the island and offers a quiet, laidback atmosphere away from the chaotic city life.

While this beautiful township is a potpourri of Mediterranean scents, sounds and colours, it lays testimony to authentic Italian life despite the island’s growing tourism. Here you can find lovely, little vegetable gardens brimming with topical plants tucked between the traditional houses.

A walk around the quiet alleys in the centre of Anacapri will transport you back in time with extraordinary sights of mini Neapolitan tailor shops, skilled shoemakers, and locals soaking up the sun at their doorsteps… all with the aroma of the town’s signature lemon groves that enrich the air.

The tiny townships’ biggest tourist attraction is arguably the magnificent Villa San Michele— which is an iconic 17th-century building, nestled on the mountainside overlooking the lower half of Capri. Master-crafted by a Swedish physician, Axel Munthe, the villa rests on the ruins of an ancient building dedicated to San Michele. In his book, he writes:

”My house must be open to the sun, to the wind, and the voice of the sea, just like a Greek temple, and light, light, light everywhere!”.
—Axel Munthe

What’s more; in the heart of the settlement, there is Chiesa di San Michele, which is small yet fascinating church with world-renowned 18th -century painted ceramic floor and lovely pastoral scenes, including Adam and Eve.

Last but not least, Casa Rossa or ‘Red House’ is another brilliant masterpiece that is worth a visit during your time in Anacapri. Built for an American delegate from New Orleans at the end of the nineteenth century, this iconic building boasts of a small museum exhibiting a collection of paintings of the island to bid you a flashback into the township’s glorious past.

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